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Protect your Company Name Today

Today, the number of companies developing a web presence is staggering. The registration of domain names alone is about 100,000 per month. If you think that your company may need a web presence in the future, now is the time to secure your domain name
( i.e.   or    www.YourCompanyName.Co.UK  ).
WWW can help you secure that domain name today.

If You Don't Have A Web Site You Could Be Losing Business

More and more, individuals and companies look for your web site before doing business with you. It's not much different than asking for a company's brochure or written material  before talking to a sales person. In today's information packed world, your web site can provide the facts needed to interest your potential customers.

Imagine that a company or individual is about to make a significant purchase and just before doing so performs a search on the Internet to look at alternatives.  Your company's web site is seen, your product or service is explored and enough interest is generated to cause the individual to complete your form for more information.  You or your staff respond with the appropriate information on a timely basis and you end up with the sale.

In addition, many people look to the web first to find the company with which they want to do business. A good example of this is Real Estate. Individuals looking for their next home, in the next town or across the country, use the Internet to see what is available and who is available to assist them.

Your store is always open. With your web site working 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.   Your physical office or store hours of business will not result in lost sales from the person seeking information when the shop is closed. With forms, an e-mail link, and a phone number listed on your web, a potential customer can leave a message (or an order) while the iron's hot allowing you or your staff to respond the next business day.

If You Already Have A Web Site

Maybe you are not happy with some aspects of your existing site.
Maybe you want it enhanced....
Maybe you want changes done faster....
Whatever the reason, you can transfer your website to WWW and improve your service.
We can probably host your site on our (UK) servers for less. A simple HTML site with or without PHP control can be hosted as cheaply as £8 per month.

Keep Your Marketing Material Up-To-Date

A well-designed web site can act as your always-updated brochure to which you and your sales staff can continually direct new and current customers as a reference for your company profile, latest product or service offerings, new marketing campaigns and test marketing. In fact, one of the great things about your web site is that it is constantly working for you on a 24/7 basis.

Keep Your Customers and Staff Informed

Your web site allows you many possibilities including showcasing new products, news events and can be used to disseminate company information to your staff across the country on a secure basis.

Geographic Expansion and Affordability

The cost of a web site can be less than what you currently pay for a Yellow Pages ad. Also, the majority of the web cost is a one-time fee unlike the Yellow Pages' monthly charge. Other advantages of the web versus the page ads are:

If you want to expand your business to other geographical areas, your web site can help enhance and introduce your presence before your sales team arrive.


Also, consider the savings on employee recruitment. Qualified employees can find you on the Internet - sometimes saving your company pounds in recruiting cost/fees.

But Please Remember

A web site is not a replacement for all of your marketing tools.
In today's market, it should be a part of your overall marketing plan.

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